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We are officially one week from Election Day.

As of Monday afternoon, Texans have already casted over 7.3 million votes during the extended early voting period. Furthermore, over 62 million Americans have voted early. What does this mean? People are going out of their way to make sure their vote is counted.

When Governor Greg Abbott extended the early voting period, Texans got prepared. US News & World Report states that more than a week before Election Day, Texas voters have casted, “more than 82% of the entire 2016 vote, a higher percentage than any other state.”

If you have not yet voted early in-person, you can still do so until Friday, October 30th. Click here to find your nearest polling center. You can download a sample ballot to see all the races in your county and district by simply going to your respective county clerk's website. The 86th Texas Legislature did away down ballot voting in Texas last year, meaning voters must go through the whole ballot and fill in their vote for each race.

Do your research, plan ahead and happy voting!