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What is IFAPAC?

Your Business Protection Insurance.

The Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee IFAPAC’s mission is to help NAIFA advance the legislative and regulatory interests of NAIFA members and their clients by supporting campaigns of candidates for both state and federal public offices. Regardless of party IFAPAC supports legislators who understand the important role agents and advisors play in protecting the financial future of 90 million American families across the country. 

 IFAPAC describes collectively the PACs sponsored by NAIFA at the federal and state levels.  Each PAC is a separate fund dedicated to supporting legislators at their jurisdiction.   Of approximately 5,000 political action committees registered with the Federal Election Commission, your federal PAC, NAIFAPAC ranks in the top tier and is the insurance industry standard-setting PAC.   In the last election cycle, the NAIFAPAC contributed about $1.3 million to federal candidates.

 The power of IFAPAC comes from You, our members!  By combining the resources of  NAIFA members we can reach legislators on both sides of the aisle in Austin and Capitol Hill.  This ensures our grassroots advocates (YOU) and professional staff are able to educate lawmakers on issues important to insurance agents and financial advisors and their clients.

Learn more about IFAPAC under the Advocate menu on the NAIFA home page and explore all of our great advocacy programs or go to NAIFA’s Advocacy Action Center.


NAIFA-Texas PAC, along with the other state IFAPACs, in addition to the NAIFAPAC to contribute approximately $2.5 million to federal and state candidates and committees.  NAIFA-Texas PAC supported 55 state legislators in the last election cycle.  

Make an investment to IFAPAC online! Click Here to log in. Please use the email address associated with your NAIFA membership. Or fill out the IFAPAC contribution form. 

Members - To make a request for NAIFA-Texas PAC to contribute to a member of the Texas House of Representatives or the Texas State Senate,  please click the button below. The NAIFA-Texas PAC Board must approve all requests. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the request to be reviewed.


(To request funds for a congressional candidate, please email ifapac@naifa.org)


Some of our legislative or regulatory victories during the 87th Legislative Session (2021) include:

  • SB 1063 - Will include personal financial literacy coursework in the graduation requirements for all Texas public high school students. Bill Author: Senator Carol Alvarado (D-Houston)

  • HB 1777 - Allows Texas to adopt the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) model for a "Best Interest" standard for annuity products. NAIFA has been spearheading this endeavor on the national level by supporting state chapters as this model passes through state legislatures. After this legislative session, Texas became the 12th state to adopt this rule. We are honored to have partnered with TALHI (Texas
    Association of Life and Health Insurers) on the passage of this legislation. Bill Author: Representative Tom Oliverson, M.D. R-Cypress)

 For more information on NAIFA-Texas Political Action Committee and advocacy efforts, please contact Bianca Alonso Weiss.