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NAIFA-Texas Leadership in Life Institute (LILI)


LILI Sell Sheet - NAIFA-Texas Virtual Class_Page_1In 1998, the Leadership Development Task Force was appointed by 1998-1999 NAIFA President, Larry Lambert to address the lack of qualified leaders to envision, plan and execute the objectives of the federation. The Task Force, chaired by 2009-2010 NAIFA President and NAIFA-Texas member, Tom Currey, began work on a leadership development curriculum to be administered by NAIFA state associations. This curriculum grew into the program we now know as the Leadership in Life Institute (LILI).

The first recorded LILI was held in Texas in February 2000 and was led my Tom Currey. NAIFA-California followed suit with its first LILI later that same year. Fourteen students (7 from each state) were the first LILI graduates. As of 2021, NAIFA-Texas has successfully seen over 195 members complete LILI. 

The Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) is an intensive curriculum for personal growth, designed specifically to develop high-caliber association leaders. LILI is built upon the conviction that excellent leadership is most often derived from highly effective persons. Furthermore, the skills and techniques of leadership can be developed and enhanced in a persons effectiveness. The coursework is presented in six business-day long sessions over the course of a six-month period.


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