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NAIFA-Texas Sponsors, Capital Strategies & Mass Mutual form Brokerage Team

By NAIFA-Texas on 8/4/23 10:20 AM

This Article is Brought to you by NAIFA-Texas Sponsors, CAPITAL STRATEGIES and MASS MUTUAL BROKERAGE

As an insurance agent/financial adviser you are responsible for many things and must do a lot of research for your recommendations. The insurance world has products and specifications and to keep up with all of them can be daunting. You need trusted sources that you can rely on to help guide you through your insurance solutions and recommendations.

Partnering with a Brokerage Director at Mass Mutual can help you with:

  • Advanced Planning Strategies
  • Whole Life
  • Term
  • Disability
  • Fixed Annuity


And provide solutions for you and your clients insurance needs.

Please contact Rodney G. Mogen at 512-680-6851 or rmogen@massmutualbrokerage.com to learn more.

In addition you can contact other brokerage directors from Capital Strategies Todd Wilson toddwilson@massmutualbrokerage.com or Scott Wooley swoolley@csomtx.com




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