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By NAIFA-Texas on 3/21/24 10:21 AM


The Congressional Conference is a NAIFA members' best opportunity to experience the power of grassroots advocacy first-hand in our nation's capital. Attendees really do make a difference on behalf of their businesses, clients, and communities. Networking allows them to be inspired and share ideas with politically involved colleagues. Training, policy briefings, and expert speakers give them the knowledge and guidance they need to be effective advocates. Meetings with lawmakers allow NAIFA members to speak with a unified voice and forge meaningful relationships with people whose decisions impact the financial security of every American.

If you, as a NAIFA leader, are not registered to attend the Congressional Conference May 20-21, please sign up today. Also, be sure to spread the word. The more people who attend, the louder and more influential our voice. Let's represent NAIFA, NAIFA-Texas and our clients!

Register for Congressional Conference


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NAIFA Members Advocate for Access to Financial Service Professionals

By NAIFA-Texas on 12/11/23 9:10 AM


More than 250 NAIFA members took to Capitol Hill today to meet with over 200 Congressional offices to advance the need to protect the worker classification of financial service professionals as independent contractors and to provide consumers a variety of choices in financial service professionals. The Day on the Hill was coupled with NAIFA’s National Leadership Conference which serves to train the leaders of state and local chapters in grassroots advocacy.

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August Is Awesome for NAIFA Advocacy

By NAIFA-Texas on 8/2/23 9:17 AM

August is In-District Meetings month at NAIFA.

Every August, Congress recesses, allowing Senators and Representatives to spend a few weeks working from their home states and districts. Things slow to a crawl in our nation’s capital but they really heat up in Congressional districts across the country. It’s an opportunity NAIFA does not pass up. Each August, we facilitate hundreds of In-District Meetings between insurance and financial advisors and their lawmakers and staff. Equally as important as more formal meetings in Washington, D.C., these In-District Meetings are critical to building and nurturing meaningful grassroots relationships. In fact, 98% of Congressional staff agree that attending events in the district is important to understanding constituents’ views and opinions.

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NAIFA Congressional Conference

By NAIFA-Texas on 5/25/23 11:03 AM

NAIFA's Congressional Conference is its signature grassroots advocacy eventEach year, we list the names of attendees who pledge to advocate for their clients, communities, and country. 

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Grassroots & Relationships With NAIFA’s Andrew Holt

By NAIFA-Texas on 8/30/22 9:21 AM


Andrew Holt is the Government Relations and Grassroots Manager at the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). NAIFA works on behalf of its members to promote a favorable regulative environment, provide professional education services, and ensure ethical professional conduct for insurance and financial advisors.

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