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In this industry, the desire to learn and keep learning is imperative. We asked some of our NAIFA-Texas members what books have impacted them the most. Each month we will be featuring a new list of recommended reads!

  • Betsy Assad, NAIFA-Houston President-Elect – “On Fire by John O’Leary was one of the most impactful books I’ve read…” says Betsy, “John’s personal testimony and wisdom spoke to me and freed me to live this amazing and radical thing called life. Everything boils down to choice. Will I choose to live in fear or will I choose to live freely? It was eye-opening, inspiring, and convicting. I HIGHLY recommend it!”
  • David Tucker, NAIFA Austin Affiliate Chair – “One of the books I like to suggest to people is called Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander. It’s a quick and easy read, less than 100 pages with a few pictures thrown in there. The gist of the book is about perseverance. Charging full speed at everything you do in life, just like a rhino.”
  • David Russell, NAIFA Fort Worth President – “Principals by Ray Dalio is a must have on everyone’s desk because the author’s approach… to decision making [is one] that anyone can apply no matter what they’re seeking to achieve. Ray takes a dive into what history has shown us about decision making and outcomes. He provides blueprints on how decisions made with fundamentals principles can have successful outcomes for personal or business relationships.”

If you have any recommended reads and would like to be featured, please email Bianca Alonso, bianca@naifa-texas.org.