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NAIFA's Annual Congressional Conference bolsters NAIFA’s prestige among lawmakers and industry partners and enhances our standing as the leading voice for insurance and financial professionals. Watch for these loyal NAIFA-Texas members at this year's Congressional Conference on May 23-24 in Washington, D.C.! 

monthly defender-Symbol  Defender Logo Denotes Monthly IFAPAC Defender


Richard Demko monthly defender-Symbol

Joseph Orr monthly defender-Symbol

John Ruckel monthly defender-Symbol

Deborah Gary  monthly defender-Symbol

Jason Carter monthly defender-Symbol

Danny O'Connell monthly defender-Symbol

Rodney Mogen monthly defender-Symbol

Michael Steadman 

Ron Mullen 

James Thompson monthly defender-Symbol

A. Grava monthly defender-Symbol

Jason Talley monthly defender-Symbol

Hollie Gandy monthly defender-Symbol

Jay Moyer 

Joey Ussery monthly defender-Symbol

Thomas Littleton monthly defender-Symbol

Nuzha Petro 

Elizabeth Eiroa

Nicholas Clark 

Derek True monthly defender-Symbol

John Wheeler Jr. 

Rhonda Vickery monthly defender-Symbol

Karen Easterling 

Enrique Cisneros Jr. monthly defender-Symbol

Ian Escalante 

Douglas Massey monthly defender-Symbol

Jose Meza 

Charles Adi

Coley Bellamy

William Atchley

Kyle Lindner

Erica Maymi

Mark Howard

Joseph Kerr

Pedram Kaivani

Bianca Alonso Weiss

Erni Davis


Looking to join your fellow NAIFA-Texas members? Register for the 2022 NAIFA Congressional Conference by clicking the link below!

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