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NAIFA-Austin Chartered

By NAIFA-Texas on 5/28/24 11:21 AM


NAIFA and NAIFA-Texas are proud to announce the rechartering of the former FSP Austin Chapter and the NAIFA-Austin Area Affiliate group as the new NAIFA-Austin Chapter. This development marks another significant step in the ongoing integration between NAIFA and FSP, aimed at strengthening the support and services offered to members across the nation. The merger of NAIFA and FSP continues to open new doors for enhancing member experiences and operational efficiencies.

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Maximizing the Value of Life Insurance: An Innovative Approach to Charitable Giving

By NAIFA-Texas on 5/21/24 8:44 AM


In the complex world of financial planning, life insurance remains fundamental. However, the traditional view of life insurance as merely a safety net is evolving, especially when it comes to enhancing charitable giving strategies. We invite you to join our us on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Eastern (11:00 am - 12:00 pm Central). This webinar is made available at no cost to both NAIFA members and non-members, thanks to the generous sponsorship by the American Cancer Society.

The webinar features:

  • Life Insurance as an Asset: Often underutilized, life insurance can be a pivotal asset in charitable strategies, providing more than just death benefits.
  • Life Insurance Valuation: Understanding the real worth of existing policies can open new avenues for financial planning, beyond the cash surrender value.
  • Maximizing Life Settlement Value: Explore how life settlements can transform life insurance into a tool for immediate financial flexibility and charitable impact.
  • Charitable Success Stories: Hear about real-world scenarios where life settlements have significantly contributed to the success of charitable endeavors.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Identify Potential: Recognize clients who could benefit from reevaluating their life insurance policies in the context of life settlements.
  • Educate and Protect: Guide clients on getting their life insurance appraised for fair market value before making decisions about lapsing or surrendering their policies.
  • Implement Best Practices: Integrate life settlement strategies to safeguard client interests and minimize potential liabilities or reputational risks.

This webinar is an exceptional opportunity for advisors to refine their expertise in leveraging life insurance for charitable giving and to ensure their clients can make informed decisions about their financial legacy.

Don't miss this chance to expand your professional knowledge and enhance your advisory capabilities in a meaningful way. 



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5 min read

ABL: Always Be Learning

By NAIFA-Texas on 5/21/24 8:36 AM


Iris Nance is an experienced insurance agent who helps people optimize their coverage to meet their needs. With a celebrated career of over 26 years in the insurance industry, she worked as a bank examiner for over 10 years. Iris is deeply committed to education, mentorship, and community service, actively participating in programs for students and young entrepreneurs. A proud member of NAIFA, she has served on the board and has taken on leadership roles within the association. Recognized for her perseverance, advocacy for continuous learning, and strategies for balancing work and family life, Iris inspires many as a role model in the financial services industry.

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8 min read

NAIFA-Dallas Summit for Success

By NAIFA-Texas on 5/1/24 9:07 AM

NAIFA-Dallas held their 21st annual Summit for Success event on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at the Madison in Addison. Guest speakers for the event included Russ Burch, featuring his presentation "Protecting your Business from Cyber Fraud", 1 hour CE session from The DI Center's Andra Grava, CLU, RHU, Jim Coyle, CLU, RHU, REBC, and Derek True, DIA, DHP with their presentation "The New Disability Insurance Market: Gen X, Y, & Z", and estate planning attorney Amy Bryant, JD, CLU shared her presentation "ILIT and the Middle Market". Amy also provided a discussion of tax law changes and the DOL Fiduciary Rule.

In addition, attendees heard a special advisory panel focused on "Finding your Niche" with Mary Lyons, John Norman, CLU, ChFC, (NAIFA-Dallas Chief Investment Officer) and Caleb Loud (NAIFA-Dallas Membership Director). 

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Welcome New NAIFA-Texas Members

By NAIFA-Texas on 4/30/24 2:10 PM

NAIFA-Texas is excited to welcome the following new members. We look forward to their involvement are honored for them to join our great network of financial professionals!

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Steve Gilliland's Motivation Bites

By NAIFA-Texas on 4/30/24 9:39 AM

NAIFA-Texas is excited to share a collaboration with 2024 NAIFA-Texas Conference speaker Steve Gilliland. NAIFA-Texas members are being offered the special opportunity to enjoy Steve Gilliland's Motivation Bites at a discounted price of $99.00! Members will receive 52 bite-sized performance enhancing videos of mental stimulation. 

Motivation Bites are 4-5 minute videos filled with distinct principles guaranteed to encourage, motivate, and improve your outlook. Each of the videos delivers a consistent, deliberate, attention-grabbing message to create a positive mindset.

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Celebrating Barbara Pietrangelo: Financial Planner of the Year Winner and Financial Literacy Advocate

By NAIFA-Texas on 4/22/24 11:52 AM


NAIFA Trustee Barbara A. Pietrangelo, an accomplished Financial Planner and a loyal member of NAIFA since 1992, stands out as a beacon of expertise and commitment. Her career began in 1991 at the Prudential Insurance Company of America, where she has since ascended to become the Wealth Solutions Report Financial Planner of the Year as One of the Top Women Industry Leaders for 2024. 

We were honored to have Barbara speak at the 2024 NAIFA-Texas Annual State Conference that was held in February, at the Hilton NASA Clear Lake hotel in Houston, Texas.

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Income Protection - The Cornerstone to Financial Planning Webinar

By NAIFA-Texas on 4/22/24 10:18 AM


Ensuring income protection is critical for your clients, particularly during their income-earning years. We invite you to join NAIFA's upcoming webinar on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, from 12:00 pm Eastern (11:00 am Central). Sponsored by Ash Brokerage, this webinar is designed to arm financial professionals with the tools and techniques needed to effectively manage discussions around disability income plans and life insurance.

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By NAIFA-Texas on 4/16/24 8:55 AM


On March 28, the Departments of Labor (DOL), Health and Human Services’ (HHS’) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and Treasury released a final short-term limited-duration (STLD) health insurance rule. It retains the proposed rule’s new limits of three months duration, with a four-month renewal option for this kind of insurance.

The new final regulation also requires new disclosure rules—generally language making clear to prospective purchasers that STLD is not the full coverage that they would get from an ACA-compliant policy.

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Are You Ready For the 2026 Estate Tax Sunset?

By NAIFA-Texas on 4/10/24 10:29 AM

This Article is Brought to you by NAIFA-Texas Sponsor, Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York

Most Americans have not paid too much attention to estate taxes, or “death taxes”, as the mass media likes to call it. But moderately or very wealthy people need to . . . now! Learn more here. https://smlny.com/are-you-ready-for-the-2026-estate-tax-sunset/

About Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York

Founded in 1886, Security Mutual Life –– The Company That Cares® –– is one of the leading mutual life insurance companies in the United States. Security Mutual Life has been helping protect families and businesses during periods of prosperity, as well as during wars and times of economic uncertainty.


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