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The 2022 NAIFA-Texas Annual State Conference was held February 23-25, 2022 in Houston, Texas. This multi-day event included educational sessions, networking opportunities, and camaraderie! To start off the final day of NAIFA-Texas State Conference, we held a Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) Panel Discussion for all attendees. The Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) is a six-month leadership development program devoted to advancing personal growth and professional success for NAIFA members.

The purpose of the LILI Panel Discussion, along with mimosas & coffee to assist in waking everyone up, was to provide engaging discussions about the heartfelt experiences of three Texas LILI Alumni. The discussion was moderated by former Texas LILI Chair & past National LILI Subcommittee Chair, Karen Easterling (left) of Austin.

Karen Easterling     danny-oconnell-Head-shot     Kyle Lindner     Lel Arandela   

The three panelists were NAIFA-Texas Immediate Past President, Danny O’Connell (2nd from left) of Dallas, NAIFA-Texas Past Board Member & Past President of NAIFA-Houston, Kyle Lindner (2nd from right) and returning President of NAIFA Corpus Christi,  Lel Arandela (right).  Each panelist spoke of their experiences while participating in LILI and how those experiences continue to influence their personal lives as well enhancing their professional development.

The Alumni Panel addressed specific questions about their Journey with LILI and the LILI program covering everything from "Is LILI important in a leadership position?" to "What advice would you give to new LILI candidates or someone new to NAIFA?".

In the hour long session the panel took questions from the early morning audience. The exchange was not only beneficial and informative but also inspiring and reminiscent of the 22 year old program that actually began in Texas! To learn more about the Leadership in Life Institute and how this program can enhance your life both personally and professionally, please click here