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The following post was written by Dr. Rodney Mogen, DBA, Founder of SolveUrPuzzles and NAIFA-Texas Secretary Treasurer.

On April 14th you heard from three fantastic speakers about how they have built their practices in the virtual world. There are many things you can do to run a practice in the virtual world.

First, understand what resources your company has for you and your practice. You will want to utilize those first, and then build form there. Second, assess your practice. Not everyone will want to meet virtually for many reasons. Understand what they want to do and adjust your practice to that. Lastly, identify your prospects and how they want to meet and interact with you.

I interact with many small business owners and millennials who like to do things on their terms and time. Whether it be through groups they are involved in, their own research, or through referrals. Understanding where people will be, will help you in the digital world.

Here is my detailed strategy for marketing. Please note this strategy may have to be adjusted according to your practice and compliance department, as applicable.

  1. Engage daily with your social media network and tie it into what you do. This draws people to you.
  2. Record 1-2 minute videos directly on LinkedIn about topics relevant to you and your business. I make my topics about working with teams and building a practice.
  3. Record longer videos (provided they are compliance-approved) about important topics.
  4. Check in with people. Whether it be clients or colleagues. Remaining connected in key.
  5. Connect with people who align with my business network and interests on LinkedIn, and build those relationships
  6. Keep the momentum going

I do use static posts, but have found that the more dynamic and interactive I can be, the better.