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This month’s member spotlight is on Kelli Simms out of Dallas! She is currently serving on the NAIFA-Dallas Board of Directors as the Director of Government Relations. Kelli demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of personal financial literacy and a passion for advocacy. She grew up in between New Orleans, LA and Dallas, TX and attended the University of New Orleans. She owns her own firm, InsureSolve, PLLC, a financial services advisory practice solving retirement and income planning issues. Her firm also offers education consulting services with in-house certified instructors teaching Financial Literacy coursework.

Read the Q&A below to get to know Kelli more!

Where did you grow up?

KS: New Orleans, LA. Concurrently there and Dallas, TX

How long have you been a member of NAIFA?

KS: 5 years

How did you get started in the industry?

KS: {I} began in banking 29 years ago. Acquired financial services/insurance industry licenses in 1999 and have been inspired to live my vision adapting and adjusting to various industry changes in landscape over the years. I have led private and corporate enterprises with staffs of many sizes and demographics. Over the last 4 years, having reconstructed traditional financial services business models and transforming what work-life ecosystems look like has been both rewarding and challenging. Growth happens when we are stretched. I am often humbled by my own elasticity and yet thankful for profitable endurance.

Did you always see yourself in this business?

KS: Yes, it was easier than being a ballerina. As a child in girl-scouting, ballet class, and candy striping – I knew service, leadership, and business would be likely so cause work that offers the privileges of flexibility, life quality, earning a great living, substantially impacting lives long term - it made the most sense.

What leadership positions have you held or currently hold?

KS: Currently, the Director of Government Relations for the NAIFA-Dallas Board of Directors. During my prior board term as Director of Philanthropy, my firm developed, presented, and sponsored a Financial Literacy Education experience for the WiNGS Foundation. This organization equips male and female survivors of domestic violence with financial literacy instruction, tools, and life skills. I assisted with engaging NAIFA-Dallas members to support this cause by teaching a class and donate their time to furthering impacting lives.

How would you use your experience with NAIFA to draw prospective member in?

KS: Simply share my 5-year journey of laughter, pleasant surprises, and tears. In 2019, I was awarded with a Member Special Performance Award at our annual dinner. This business is not for the faint of the heart. NAIFA is a safe place to heal, recover, rebound, and restore.

If you would like to be spotlight or know a NAIFA-Texas member who should be, please contact Bianca Alonso, bianca@naifa-texas.org.