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This month, our member spotlight is on Brent Hill - one of the newest members of the NAIFA-Texas Board of Directors! Brent recently celebrated this 5 year NAIFA-anniversary which aligned perfectly with him being our member spotlight. We sat down with Brent and learned about his journey with NAIFA, his expectations upon starting out, and how he has grown with leadership opportunities.

Brent contributes his leadership growth to the Life in Leadership Institute (LILI). "My LILI experience was one I’ll never forget. It completely changed the way I operate my business and personal life, as well as fine tuning my leadership skill," Brent explains, "I developed close, personal relationships with my classmates and moderators. I will say it isn’t for everybody, but if you’re up for a serious personal and intellectual challenge, this is the program for you."

To view the full interview with Brent, please click here!